AIDA Cruise: About the ship

You stand in front of the ship with this big kissing lips and you thinking by yourself: Could this ship really sail across the oceans? It is so huge & so enormous, 15 decks, length 252 m, width about 32 m, high above waterline 48 m, draft 7 m. The maximum speed is 22 knots (about 41 km/h).


After you have checked in and passed the security controls you are must find your cabin. You have to go long ways. There are so much cabins. If you have finally found your cabin you see a very small room.  A small bath room with a shower, toilet and a wash-bowl. We parked our 4 bags and with us 4 people there were no more place in the cabin to move around. I park the bags under the beds and then we go out and discover the ship.

On the ship you can find everything you need and many things you not actually need 😉 There are 4 main restaurants with different meals. One with Italian cuisine, the other one with common European cuisine, one with German-Bavaria cuisine and one with East Asian cuisine. The range of food was phenomenal and the quality really top. During meal times you can eat and drink as much as you can. A huge selection of different meat and fish, soups and salads, so many delicious desserts like cake, ice cream, fruits and flans. At the East Asian restaurant you can dive into the delicious Asian food. You can also eat Sushi. But you must pay extra for it. There is another exquisite restaurant you have to pay for the food. The food will served in several steps and it was excellent. And finally a grill station where you can eat burgers, pizza and some more fast food.


On the main decks you find many places were can sit and relax. You can look outside to the sea and dream about everything you want. You can sit on the outdoor deck where the wind blows your hair confused. You can enjoy the sunset at St. Petersburg where the sun disappears behind the horizon shortly before midnight. Or you can jump into the pools or relax at the whirlpool or lying in sunlounger and read a book. You can go to the theater where you can see really good shows. Sing shows,  vaudeville shows, dancing shows and theater shows. All evening plays some live music at different places, you can dance to it or go the disco to dance.  If you want, you can go shopping or make some gym with a personal trainer or by yourself or go to the Spa area. There is a Casino on board where you can play Black Jack and Roulette and lose your money 😉  There is also a 4D cinema where the seats are shaking and water will sprinkled to your face. You can play basketball or soccer, volleyball, run around the outdoor deck.

Outdoor deck

As you see, you can live well on this ship and I hope you can do someday something equivalent.

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  1. Gabriella sagt:

    Nice and living report! I hope to experience something like this one day.

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