The Pain of Love

Dark outside, moonlight shines through the trees.
Featureless shadows wander over the ground.

Pain breaks my heart, like fiery needle pricks.
Strong is the love, no, was the love, but still there.

He escaped, fled from me? I would have forgiven him, maybe.
Deceived, hurt and betrayed, can I forgive him for that?

Now he is gone, the other triumphs, I sink into sadness.
Should be glad he’s gone, I’m sad that he’s gone.

Shame and anger come over me, I have to banish him.
Way out of my head, I need some rest.

But the pain cannot get rid of me, let my blood throb in me.
Always torturous becomes the pain, help me, whoever.

Just wanted love and be loved.
Love and pain are so close together.

Close together as we once were.
You’re away, leaves me here alone.

Hatred comes over me. What’s going on?
No control any more, my feelings let suffer me.

Let the love come back and
The life flowing back into me.

Come, come back, but the hope dwindles.
I am, I am so alone.

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1 Antwort zu The Pain of Love

  1. Marina sagt:

    Did you write it about me? lol But on a serious note, i noticed this poem is only in English. You were using ‚he‘ not ’she‘. So i wonder if it was some story you got your inspiration from or maybe there’s part of you here. In any case, love and pain often go hand in hand. I sometimes ask myself „Does it really have to be this way, can’t there be just love, without any pain?“ But there is also an expression „we hurt most those, who we love“.

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