Splitted into two

The feeling to be free, but not be living.
Think your thoughts, but to be at the end.
Enjoy the freedom, but locked up every single day.
Feel joy, but to live with sadness.
Go to wherever you want, but never find the right way.
Live, indeed live, get older and wise.
And finally, finally arrive at my goal.


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2 Antworten zu Splitted into two

  1. Marina sagt:

    I think most people feel this way. We are trapped in our own life. Even though, we have everything and realize that life’s good, all we need to do is to appreciate it or learn to appreciate all the goodness around us..Still, sometimes you cannot help it, you get overwhelmed with feelings and question the true meaning of life. I liked the line „Enjoy the freedom, but locked up every single day“ Maybe, I can relate to it, But what i have learned over the past years is that freedom comes from the inside, its in your head. So whether you are free or a prisoner of your life, depends solely on you. I mean people in general) And, goal, hm.. I wonder what goal it was, but it will remain a secret of a poet. I loved the poem a lot!

    • The goal what you may find for your life is the ‚the happiness and the peace‘ to live satisfied without sadness and hate. Your interpretation of this poem is very good. People should tear down the wall around their minds to be open for feelings. Open to feel how beautiful life can be.

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