Finally free

Come home, my key drops on the floor, but I want out,
Leave the bag and let me fall, I want out,
Fall to my knees, need air to breathe, wants out,
Pull me up at the door, just out of here.

Run off, go outside, where only,
There is only one place, only one love for me,
Big and strong he stands on the paddock, my everything,
Swing myself on him, without a saddle, ride off, faster and faster.

Panting and breathless, we come to a halt,
Look down the hill, yes, yes, yes.
I am free.

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1 Antwort zu Finally free

  1. Marina sagt:

    I personally prefer the German version of this poem, though the English one is good too 🙂 Maybe because I read first in German)) Anyway, the poem is called „Finally Free“, hence longing for escape and freedom. But is Home really home? Is your heart there? Or your soul craves something else?

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