Statement: What you see is what you get

What you see is what you get

True words. Well, the first impression is often crucial for relationships, but (a big but) sometimes it’s better to find out the second or third impression to know how precious someone is. There are so many people outside which are really somebody where it is worth to give one’s best attention, because they’re so precious.

I know it’s sometimes not easy to react with foreign people. Sometimes it’s good to be open to foreign people sometimes not. I’m also a foreign person for all who don’t know me in real life. But I like to support people to make them a little bit happier and their life a little bit better. Surely, I wished me more reaction from people when I tweet something to them. But I’m not angry with them because of they don’t reply me.

So many people are not satisfied with their own live. They do not love themselves enough, so they can not love other people enough. Other people (most of them are women) think, they are not looking good. Bad thoughts. They compare themselves with popular people from the movie inustrie or models from advertising. But this popular people should NOT be adored because of their appearance. This so called „beautiful people“ are artworks who have not much to do with the real life. So, feel free to be yourself and not somebodys beauty doll. I like and I take the people how they are. With all the good and bad qualities they have.

I read the statement some weeks ago. It’s not my opinion and I think it’s wrong. Anyway, I guess, some people act in this way. Give people a second chance (and some of them always a new chance).

„The way I act around you when I first meet you, is most likely the way I will act around you for the rest of my life.“

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  1. Gabriella sagt:

    Wise, beautiful words. Gentle arrow, it seems like you knew me then. Thank you for reminding people that the real beauty is inside of the soul. Moreover, it is said that „Beauty is in the eye of the beholder“.

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