The warm days are over and the cold days come

Summer died this week. After the last weekend full of sunshine and warm temperatures this weekend was pretty cold. Sleet the whole day, let the streets with the yellow, red and brown colored leaves be a slippery adventure. Cold wind blew around my head, my ears were frozen, my legs and my feet were under cooled. For hours geese screaming were in the air, covered by grey clouds. There, suddenly the clouds cleared and you can saw hundreds of geese separated in three groups, coming from north, south and east, banded together and flew toward France, Spain until Africa. There stood me, with my head tilted back, look after them till they disappeared. To felt this cold and fresh air, to be outside at this uncomfortable day made me, why not, happy. I continued my work. Some few things still must be done to prepare the garden for the dark time of the year. I was in the rush. The darkness comes fast this days.

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1 Antwort zu The warm days are over and the cold days come

  1. Gabriella sagt:

    What a nice reflection! Being able to stop and admire nature and feeling part of it is always a powerful experience. Autumn’s chilly and fresh air and all the bright colours can really give feelings of happiness, I do understand it.

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