Splitted into two

The feeling to be free, but not be living.
Think your thoughts, but to be at the end.
Enjoy the freedom, but locked up every single day.
Feel joy, but to live with sadness.
Go to wherever you want, but never find the right way.
Live, indeed live, get older and wise.
And finally, finally arrive at my goal.


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Light leads my life

My mind wanders, wanders along a fine line between light and darkness. Who holds me back from the darkness, who shows me the light. I want more, give me hope, I want my goal, give me confidence, I want to survive, give me love. More and more, no stopping, the small line is slippery, when will it end, when gets the light brighter? I believe in it, I’ll do it, for all.

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Keep your Love fixed

Enjoy it as long as possible.

Born for love

To be free with your Love.

Get this love

Everyday, rhapsodize around them, demand them.

Feel this love

Enchant them, then it will be your Love.

Enjoy this love

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The Pain of Love

Dark outside, moonlight shines through the trees.
Featureless shadows wander over the ground.

Pain breaks my heart, like fiery needle pricks.
Strong is the love, no, was the love, but still there.

He escaped, fled from me? I would have forgiven him, maybe.
Deceived, hurt and betrayed, can I forgive him for that?

Now he is gone, the other triumphs, I sink into sadness.
Should be glad he’s gone, I’m sad that he’s gone.

Shame and anger come over me, I have to banish him.
Way out of my head, I need some rest.

But the pain cannot get rid of me, let my blood throb in me.
Always torturous becomes the pain, help me, whoever.

Just wanted love and be loved.
Love and pain are so close together.

Close together as we once were.
You’re away, leaves me here alone.

Hatred comes over me. What’s going on?
No control any more, my feelings let suffer me.

Let the love come back and
The life flowing back into me.

Come, come back, but the hope dwindles.
I am, I am so alone.

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The Eyes …. Of No Return

Saw in your eyes, one little moment too long, why?
No escape, fascinated by the purity and brilliance.

Why are you not dodged my view?
Have ignored it, now everything is complicated.

You go not out of my mind, what sense does that still makes?
To be without you, opens a big dark hole.

I need to find you, where can I find you?
Need to talk to you, need to smell and feel you.

You know nothing about me, do not know anything about me, but can you feel the same for me?
I’ll look for you always, always suffer as long to find you.

There is no going back, where are you?
I cannot escape your eyes, I must find you.

I’m sad.

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Finally free

Come home, my key drops on the floor, but I want out,
Leave the bag and let me fall, I want out,
Fall to my knees, need air to breathe, wants out,
Pull me up at the door, just out of here.

Run off, go outside, where only,
There is only one place, only one love for me,
Big and strong he stands on the paddock, my everything,
Swing myself on him, without a saddle, ride off, faster and faster.

Panting and breathless, we come to a halt,
Look down the hill, yes, yes, yes.
I am free.

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For ever

Run, run far away,
Candlelight makes dancing shadows on the wall,
Go, go yes, but not forever,
Cold, dark, snowflakes in the wind,
She runs, runs through the snow,
Love ends, makes senseless pain,
Lost in the red eyes full of warm tears,
The tears will getting colder, let burn the red cheeks,
Where to go, why it’s over, why it all ends.

Looking back, the door is still open,
Back, back into the security,
Go, go on into, but now forever,
Try it again, the world keeps turning,
He keeps her in his arms, she wants never to leave him again,
Love always finds a way.

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I miss you

Live, words come and go,
Answers remain out, are forgotten,
Too many wrong questions asked, expecting too much,
Forgive me, I want nobody to hurt, no one harass.

Do not give up me, where ever you are,
Give us not up, let us be free,
The earth turns around me, my thoughts about you,
Where are you now, so far from me.

Come back and let us dance full of joy,
To be happy here and now,
Forever with you,
Miss you so, so much.

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Just remember someone…

When ever you cannot sleep think about the at the end of the tunnel.

You shouldn’t forget the pain who have brought someone into your life.
You shouldn’t forget the desire to someone who have left you.
You shouldn’t forget this someone you’re missing.

You have to live with this pain, this desire and this missing AND you must accept this. This can destroy you If you not except this terms. Believe me, someday all this feeling of pain and desire and missing are getting lower and yourself are feeling much better. But you also have to admit and work on them and release all bad feelings. I believe in you. Let th future show me that I was right.

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What way will you go?

At the end of our days our names are just smoke and mirrors. Only a few people keep the names and their memories at us a few moments longer alive. To be immortal means that your name and the memories are immortal in you.

Which way want you to go?

Be immortal or forget by people?

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